A new creative, learning activity for schools, clubs & parties  
Learn through 'doughing' at school or at home ..
  Working with schools, such as Belmont Primary School in Chiswick, it is clear that children find this hands-on activity very engaging, rewarding and fun. Learning through 'doughing' helps them to observe, explore, create and experiment. It expands their imagination as well as their practical skills of making and sculpting.

Many themes can be undertaken and incoporated into curriculum activities for example: counting, shape, geometry & colours. This activity is most effective with classes of around 10 pupils to enable individual tutoring, and it is perfect for School Clubs too.

Expand your child's imagination with Home Tuition. One to one guidance in the comfort of your home, where your child's imagination can run wild, creating anything they can dream of. Home sessions last around an hour with quick set-up and clear up time. Interested ? Get in touch ..
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